Insight generation, Insightment

An insight represents a breakthrough opportunity (a.k.a. "demand space") for a given target group, expressing a (conscious or unconscious) need that has not been satisfied by currently available products or services. To uncover such breakthrough opportunities, we adopt a 2-step approach:

 Step #1: we conduct a number of studies/surveys or make use of those that you may have already carried out: log book, diary, ethnographic studiesusage and attitudes (qualitative or quantitative), field feedback, social media listening, etc.

Step #2: we link up these different "signals" in order to bring to light different stakes which can then be interpreted and drafted in the form of clear insights using our proprietary SMT method for each target group. 
This final step may be entirely performed by our team or you may prefer that we prepare the groundwork for a collaborative session to which you make an active contribution.

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