Social Media Listening

Objectives of Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening provides a response to a wide range of objectives (marketing, communication, strategic, etc.). For us, it provides a key contribution in terms of consumer awareness, through analysis of their exchanges on the different social networks. It is therefore an additional tool for picking up on trends and then following, in real time, the dynamics of these trends and the ins & outs of how they propagate.

Setting up a Social Media Listening process

Our team members are perfectly capable of using Social Media Listening techniques but we are by no means experts in the technical aspects of implementing such listening processes, which require specific know-how and a suitable infrastructure, such as that provided by companies like Linkfluence or Brand Watch. Nevertheless, we do frequently integrate findings obtained from these approaches (via data that has been provided to our clients) in our consumer awareness programs, in particular when preparing an insightment session. 

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