Log books and diaries

Objectives of a log book and diary process

The objective of a log book is to feed consumer awareness with regard to a specific product category or a given need while allowing participants a greater degree of independence and scope for spontaneity.
This tool enables consumers to share in-situ their purchases, their consumption experiences, their rituals, their product experiences by producing a personal diary and filming themselves answering a number of preset questions.

Setting up a log book and diary

Participants are recruited for a period of several days (between 2 and 5, according to the ambition of the project), during which different tasks are assigned to them (at home, or within the framework of a shopping journey).  Participants themselves create a documentary record of their contribution, certain tasks are mandatory (such as filling in a consumer notebook) while others allow them greater scope, meaning that they may choose to contribute on points that believe to be of key importance. They also have a chance to speak by filming themselves and providing their testimony. This is of course naturally a subjective consumer angle, conveying the latter's point of view and bias and may therefore require additional, complementary research (e.g. ethnographic observation, interview, etc).
The log book is filled in online via a collaborative platform specific to each country or a paper notebook to be filled in according to the target group.

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