Customer journey and experience

Etude de satisfaction et d'expérience clients

Customer satisfaction is all about the user experience (UX) perceived by your customers, i.e. what they live, sense and feel with regard to your product or service. It is a combination of objective and subjective responses. Evaluating the quality of this experience is useful on several levels. On a managerial level, it makes it possible to mobilize teams who are in direct contact with customers so as to enhance the way in which they conduct their day-to-day relations. On the strategic front, an evaluation of this kind provides an opportunity to review the different customer journey proposals (promotions, touchpoint channels, etc.), to adapt the tone and register and also the content of your product and service offer. Such surveys are usually of a quantitative nature and are also performed on a regular basis, producing different types of indicators (e.g. customer satisfaction, Customer Effort Score CES, Net Promoter Score NPS, etc.).  > read more

Customer journey analysis

Within the framework of a usage & behaviour study, our aim is to decipher the different phases of the consumer journey of your current and prospective customers. To do so, we use an analytic framework provided by Google which is suitable for both physical and digital journeys.  This approach enables us to detect the strong and weak areas in the journeys taken by your customers. This tool is extremely precious for performing background actions and for improving marketing activation on certain touchpoints.

360° activation workshop

If we detect touchpoints in the customer journey for which the activation strategy needs to be reworked, we will help you to identify the messages, creative leads and activation formats that need to be implemented, within a 360° format. To do so, we will generally organize an "activation hackathon" involving members of your marketing, merchandising and retail teams and representatives from your communication agency (or agencies). > read more