360 activation workshop

Objectives of an activation workshop

Working on marketing activation is, in a way, all about preparing elements of the consumer journey that will initially trigger interest and then, hopefully, a purchase intention. Activation is therefore an essential part of the process in that it will make it possible to project the product or service on the market.
The purpose of a 360° activation workshop is therefore to establish the overall activation strategy, but also concrete initiatives for each of the channels within the context of a launch campaign or in the product run. In a 360° context of this kind, the activation workshop also provides an opportunity to mobilize all teams, including people who are not usually closely involved (which is of course an additional feature of our design sprint activities).

Setting up an activation workshop

A number of steps must be followed in order to ensure a successful workshop which can then take place over 1 or 2 days: 

1/ Preparation: 
The different teams may not have worked in perfect synergy in advance of the project. It is therefore necessary to gather together all the input that the teams have given up to this point, including the value proposition, the associated personae, all knowledge of the media and non-media habits of your targets, the sort of content that the latter are likely to be receptive to and an inspiring activation strategy benchmark. Our objective is to ensure that we have sufficient operational material to inject into the workshop so as to align the teams on the different working hypotheses (target audiences, key messages, etc.).

2/ Workshop:

Day 1: This day will enable us to present the body of the work and to align the teams on the value proposition, its territory and its target audience. The next step is then to converge towards a series of prioritized content and messages that need to be communicated and to identify the most suitable media for them. The teams can then go on to develop ideas for actions to take.

Day 2: Each team presents their ideas and are challenged by the others in a light-hearted manner in order to optimize and iterate their proposals. Consumers, influencers or salespeople can also be invited to participate so as to ensure that the activation proposals are in tune with reality. At the end of the session, the ideas are classified in terms of their pertinence, ease of implication and ability to reach the target. 

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