Innovation and development

Design Sprint (value proposition + product + packaging)

The goal of a Design Sprint is to intensely focus the product or service development efforts of all key players in the value chain (e.g. R&D, Marketing, CMI, packaging specialists, etc.) within a short space of time. After an initial co-creative workshop phase aimed at devising a prototype concept, the principle of iteration plays a crucial role in the sprint process, via a series of "assessment-improvement" loops, alternating workshop sessions with consumer feedback over a standard 5-day base format (depending on the number of products and targets to deal with). At the end of this program, your launch projects will have been tested, improved step-by-step, certain ideas will have been rejected, others put on hold and yet others brought to life during the sprint. > read more

Insight generation, Insightment

The discovery of meaningful consumer and customer insights is made possible by cross-referencing several information sources. In the same way as a detective tries to get to the bottom of a mysterious case, an insight is uncovered by examining and cross-checking different corroborating clues. Thus, both qualitative and quantitative studies, social media listening and basic observation all play a key role. > read more

Quantitative evaluation of insights and breakthrough opportunitieses

Once clear insights with identifiable targets have been obtained, the next useful step is to evaluate the scope of the breakthrough opportunity. To do this, we generally present to a representative sample group a set of insights that have been brought to light during a phase of research. 
This evaluation process makes it possible to prioritize these insights by means of different criteria, i.e.: the size of the target group in question, the frequency of occurrence of the situation that gives rise to the insight, the amount of effort that the consumer/customer is willing to make (an indication of their level of involvement). Thus, once an insight has been acquired, it is possible to have a clear picture of your breakthrough opportunities, i.e. your demand space, and to use this as food for thought in setting out your marketing roadmap, along with your communication briefs. > read more

Creativity and co-development of products and services

During workshops devoted to your value proposition, we help you to coordinate your product or service offers with the market breakthrough opportunities that correspond to your target audience. This "coordination" exercise is an invaluable step in the creative process. It goes without saying that any new creative idea must be in line with your brand strategy and its DNA; however, it must also be able to be delivered to a market that is ready and willing to accommodate it, where there is real demand space, genuine breakthrough opportunities. Being fully consumer and customer focused at each stage in the process will provide you with a safety net for ensuring that your value propositions are always in touch with reality. We help you to design, build and angle your value propositions so as to make them as meaningful as possible for your target. > read more

Concept and product testing

Concept testing focuses upon an evaluation of the foreseen user experience (UX) generated by a value proposition.  The aim of our concept tests, whether using a qualitative or a quantitative approach, is to first of all validate the insight and then the associated value proposition (so as to determine the degree of coherence between the demand and the offer). When analyzing these concepts, we strive to provide you with key pointers to help you organize and prioritize your ideas, but also a description of the industrial project to which each concept corresponds (e.g. blockbuster, mainstream, value-added niche, dead-end) along with the core target (if it can be identified). > read more

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