Anne-Marie Dubos (BIC) shares her testimonial here about a form of design sprint that we conducted for the BIC Group.

Design Sprint : testimonial

Testomonial from the BIC Group

“When trying the Design Sprint, we had two goals: 

1) Finalizing the mix of a new product for which we needed a disruption, restarting from a new page, 

2) Testing a new methodology, because in fast changing markets we need more and more tools that allow us to accelerate the innovation process. 

The Insightquest Design Sprint allowed us to co-develop, test, optimize and validate the packaging of this new product with real consumers in just three days!  We were not only satisfied with the output, but we also enjoyed this creative immersion break. 

In 3 words, the Design Sprint is for us: speed, creativity and agility. "

Anne Marie Dubosc,
Global Consumer Insight, BIC.