Brand Audit

Objectives of a brand audit

A brand audit gives you a clearer awareness and understanding of your target consumers, their behaviour & attitudes, their rational and emotional purchasing motivations and also their potential needs. For this same target, which represents several different sectors of activity, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the different components of the marketing mix that make up the Brand Equity and thus provide an indication of its state of health.

Setting up a brand audit

An audit is the outcome of a mix between ethnographic interviews, self-filmed reports, focus groups (online or offline) and in-store visits.

We always recommend speaking with people working in the field (e.g. sales assistants, customer advisors, agency staff... depending on your type of business) all of whom have direct contact with customers and who have a keen awareness of what goes on at the grass roots. These are people who are often a forgotten showcase for the brand and yet are a direct channel for conveying Brand Equity. The entire brand mix will be audited: its products & range, its communication and its performance with regards to online and offline touchpoints, as measured against its main competitors.

It is therefore necessary to foresee a preparatory phase for gathering together all the material to test (products, communication over the past 12 - 18 months), inform stores of consumer visits (if relevant), select the important web links and establish the competitive perimeter. We can provide key input at this preparatory stage, by means of an established, tried & tested process, which in particular includes a reverse countdown schedule to help in preparing the logistics of the process.

The output of this brand audit will bring together several different dimensions: the macro-strategy determined by the Brand Director or the CMO, the real expectations and motivations expressed by customers, differences in regional perceptions in the case of an international brand and the current positioning of the brand (i.e. its values, its personality, its purpose, its uniqueness and its superiority when benchmarked). 

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