Ambassador Tracking

The role of an ambassador

For brands, having an ambassadors can address different strategies.
First of all, reach a particular audience thanks to a celebrity who already has a strong fan base corresponding to the profile of the target that one is trying to consolidate or convince.
It can also be a question of choosing an ambassador whose image can bring "a plus" for the brand in its image, in this case, the ambassador does not only share his fan base but also image traits that the brand is trying to preempt.
Finally, if the ambassador evolves in a particular professional field and the brand evolves in the same field, the ambassador brings to the brand its technical credibility.
It is therefore a particularly strategic and rich subject and we have developed a series of approaches to meet these objectives.

Setting up a brand audit

The first step we suggest is to assess your current ambassadors. If the partnership can take time to settle in the minds of consumers, it becomes sooner or later necessary to objectify the return on investment of this partnership. This return on investment depends of course on different factors and we are particularly interested in attitudes:
  • Is your ambassador well associated with your brand?
  • Is there any confusion between your attribution and that of competing brands?
  • How is this association between this ambassador and your brand perceived?
  • Do those who identify the link with the ambassador and the brand appreciate this partnership? Does it induce greater consideration than those who ignore this partnership?
  • Etc.
This quantitative research provides you with precise KPIs.

Evaluate future ambassadors

In some cases, a brand may have identified a series of potential partners (corresponding to targets to be convinced or consolidated, or even to image traits of interest to the brand).
In this case, the approach that we propose aims to analyze the adequacy between the image and audiences of the ambassador and the audiences and image traits that the brand seeks to consolidate :
  • Which targets value this potential partner the most?
  • What is the image of the potential partner? (by adapting these KPIs to the attributes that interest the brand)
  • Who would we associate this partner with?
  • What would be the opportunity of the partnership with the brand?
  • etc.
Again, we offer precise quantitative KPIs.

Look for new ambassadors.

In other cases, the brand remains open to exploring new partnerships. In this case, a qualitative approach makes it possible to explore the partnerships that it would be interesting to consider. We ask consumers corresponding to the target you are trying to convince (and who are not resistant to your brand) to identify the ambassadors who would bring a dynamic to your brand.
  • Who are the potential ambassadors?
  • Why would this person be a good ambassador?
  • What would that objectively bring to the brand.
To carry out this type of mission, we use an analysis grid to identify the archetypes and projective exercises linked to your brands and the archetypes corresponding

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