Communication Pre-test

Objectives of a communication pre-test

A communication pre-test makes it possible to ensure that your communication platform and all of its associated goals are in tune with consumers' real needs and expectations. It provides an opportunity to closely examine the fundamentals of your communication and to make any necessary adjustments before performing a measurement of its scale against standardized KPIs so as to assess the effectiveness of your communication.

Setting up a communication pre-test

More often than not, a pre-test of this kind is broken down into two distinct phases:

Phase 1 - Preparation: generally speaking we gather together as many elements as possible of your brand history (previous platforms, communication material, agency briefs) in order to map out your trajectory.

Phase 2 - Co-development: our pre-test is devised by means of our Sprint protocol, drawn directly from the school of Design Thinking, and which allows for a series of constructive iterations between  the project team and consumers and, most importantly of all, makes it possible to integrate modifications/improvements to the message by the project team and the creative agency so as to be sure to meet the launch deadlines which are, needless to say, often tight. Subsequent iterations with consumers will then ensure that the communicational insight is as pertinent and truthful as possible.

We recommend involving people from different backgrounds in this kind of workshop: people from the brand team, communication, marketing and legal departments if possible, and also the communication agency. By acquiring a cross-section of views it will be infinitely easier to optimize the time spent on iterating and improving the material.
We can also call on the expert input of partners specialized in measuring and evaluating emotional responses, thus providing us with an additional analysis that takes exploration beyond the initial statements.

The intended output of a protocol of this kind is the discovery of new, optimized creative channels, whatever the initial level of development of the material (e.g. storyboards, animatics, scripts…) prior to performing a quantitative pre-test or going for a full-scale communication launch.

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